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Does walking through your front door feel like traveling back in time? Don’t settle for outdated surroundings. Bring your home into the 21st century with the help of Angell’s Construction!

Whether you want to open up your floor plan, update your bathroom, modernize your kitchen, or completely redesign your home, our seasoned team and proven approach offer all you need for interior home remodeling. Let us put our decades of experience and expert craftsmanship to work so you can finally enjoy the home you dream about – for a price you can afford!

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of any home, where friends and family always seem to spend the most time together (food comes from the kitchen, too!). Our kitchen remodeling service lets you personalize this all-important room however you please and still enjoy great functionality.

Kitchen Cabinets
Our wide selection of cabinetry will match any kitchen’s new style while increasing its available storage space. From unique decorative accents to luxurious finishes, our spacious shelving units add a beautiful touch to your home today and forever.

Kitchen Countertops
Whether you prefer granite, marble, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, tile, laminate, or any other surface for your new countertop, Angell’s Construction, Inc. knows how to make it work.

Kitchen Flooring
Select a traditional floor for your kitchen, or let us show you how exotic materials like bamboo or cork will add lasting comfort and style.

Kitchen Islands
No one has ever regretted adding an ergonomic island countertop to their kitchen. Choose from any countertop and embrace the island lifestyle!

We also can help you create and customize ventilation hoods, backsplashes, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and more that suit your needs best!

Full Home Remodeling

Do you feel like your home has fallen out of style or just become worn out? Has your family grown in size and needs more space to share together? Are you putting your home on the market and want to increase its appeal to potential buyers? Angell’s Construction, Inc. will help!

We make what could be a daunting process easy and enjoyable. Let our experts know exactly how they may improve your home, and stand back as they do it quickly, affordably, and with minimal intrusion. Whether you would like to update a single room or transform your entire home, we’re here to do the job right with our home remodeling services.

Four-Season Sunrooms

A four-season sunroom does more than increase the size of a home’s floor plan. It creates the perfect space for year-round comfort and relaxation! Enjoy panoramic views of your property as you stay cool in the summertime and warm while it’s frosty outside. There is no better cure for cabin fever than the addition of an airy four-season sunroom.

Whether you want a quiet retreat or more room for your kids to play in, let Angell’s Construction, Inc. add the ideal four-season sunroom to your home. We can make your newest addition match the rest of your home perfectly or give it an altogether different style so you feel like you’ve been transported as soon as you enter.

Finish Carpentry

Whether you’re fully remodeling your home’s interior or simply giving one room a much-needed cosmetic update, you will love the transformative power of our finish carpentry services. With over 27 years of finish carpentry experience, our skilled craftsmen will use whichever type of wood you specify to provide the window trim, door trim, crown molding, baseboard, chair rail and wainscoting that complete any beautiful room.

Our team’s finish carpenters are the most qualified in the greater Twin Cities area. Every carpentry finish we create is tailored in exact accordance with the room’s dimensions. We spare no effort to ensure that every corner is crisp, every joint is tight, and every molding is level and straight as an arrow. We will paint or stain your finishes so they ideally complement each room’s existing color scheme. And if you’re uncertain which details would look best in a certain room, you can count on our eye for interior design for guidance.

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