As a professional bathroom remodeler in Central Minnesota, we don’t just spend a lot of our time updating “throne rooms” for the 21st century. We undo plenty of bathroom remodel mistakes as well!

To be sure: We’re more than happy to spend however much time our clients might like remodeling their bathrooms. But we aren’t heartless mercenary contractors, keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that homeowners will make regrettable (i.e. costly) decisions that will eventually require our expert corrections.

No. We would much rather people avoid bathroom remodel mistakes altogether. The world would become a better place if people could save their money instead of wasting it – and enjoy the most attractive and functional bathrooms while they’re at it! With that, here are six bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid.

1. Overcrowding

It’s easy to approach a bathroom remodel with too much enthusiasm. Lots of folks get their hearts set on a double vanity, a walk-in shower, and a soaking tub. God bless ’em! They deserve it. But that doesn’t mean their bathroom can accommodate so many new features.

There’s no real rule to overcrowding. What can feel like an overpacked space to one may seem comfy to another, yet at the very least you must be able to comfortably use all of your bathroom’s new features.

Take some measurements before doing anything else. If the second sink of a double vanity would be right up against a wall – or the door of a new shower couldn’t open all the way – then you need to get a little more realistic about your bathroom remodel.

2. Improper Ventilation

The bathroom is the steamiest room in the house (assuming that house hasn’t also got a steam room). Steam welcomes the growth of black mold, at a relative humidity of 60% is optimal for the fungus to be fruitful and multiply within.

Many bathroom remodels would be perfect if they didn’t omit proper ventilation. You NEED a bathroom exhaust fan if you’re going to prevent hideous mold from taking root in your grout and walls. These lightweight mechanical units aren’t all that expensive to install. You just want to make certain the fan’s ventilation rate, as measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), is equal to or greater than the square footage of your bathroom.

On a side note, creating adequate drainage is just as important during a bathroom remodel. Pooling water will only contribute to the humidity which black mold loves so much, not to mention pose a slipping hazard!

3. Inadequate (or Excessive) Lighting

You don’t want a dim and moody experience every time you visit the john. Conversely, you don’t want to burn holes into your retinas every time you turn the lights on in your bathroom. Balance is key when it comes to bathroom lighting.

Your bathroom lighting would ideally offer a range of brightness levels. That way you can have a bright and invigorating space in which to prepare for the day, or a more subdued setting for a relaxing bath or 2 am restroom visit. It is wise to install multiple light sources: a primary light that illuminates the entire room, and smaller lights on the walls, over the tub, or alongside the vanity which gives you greater control.

You would prefer a safe bathroom, so be sure to only install lighting with appropriate IP or NEMA ratings.

4. Failure to Install GFCI Outlets

Since their introduction in 1971, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets have reduced the rate of home electrocutions by 83%. These are the special outlets that have two buttons on their faces labeled “TEST” and “RESET.” A GFCI outlet contains a sensor that halts the flow of electricity the second it detects any variation from the normal current.

A GFCI outlet will not spare you from a painful shock. But if you take care to install one wherever water could flow or puddle, you can avoid becoming a conduit for a prolonged surge of electricity that could easily kill you.

5. Inappropriate Materials

Some materials just aren’t meant for bathrooms. A marble countertop certainly looks elegant, but failure to wipe it dry after each use may cause permanent staining. Wallpaper is enjoying a renaissance in popularity these days, although a steamy bathroom is likely to soften the glue until the paper bubbles and curls. A single errant splash of water may permanently stain certain types of wallpaper, too!

You probably already know to avoid carpeting in a bathroom, although hardwood floors are just as unsuitable. Oak and maple are both beautiful, but they may warp after prolonged exposure to humidity and become damaged by powerful bathroom cleaners.

Finally, be sure to avoid porous tiles. Cement and some types of ceramic are at risk of staining, etching, and becoming chipped after heavy usage. There are many more suitable tiles for a bathroom!

6. Inadequate Storage

We see this all too often: People design gorgeous bathrooms at the expense of neglecting storage space. As much as you might love minimalism, a chic aesthetic will be of no use when you really need a towel or roll of toilet paper! Whatever your bathroom remodel goals might be, take care to include at least one or two storage spaces.

We have one more bathroom remodel mistake to avoid: failure to consult a bathroom remodel expert. Working with a pro means you’ll get the right materials, installed correctly, in a timeframe that minimizes so important a room’s downtime.

If you’d like to consult one of the foremost bathroom remodel experts in Central Minnesota, then we welcome you to contact Angell’s Construction today!