We’re not highly influential kitchen remodelers here at Angell’s Construction. Our work has never been featured on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens (even though it could be), and no smiling HGTV casting agents have ever shown up at our office with a contract (even though we’re often told the camera loves us).

To put it another way, we admit to not being trendsetters when it comes to kitchen remodeling. But we sure did remodel a lot of kitchens in 2021, which means we also know which cabinets, countertops, and other accents and appliances are going to be hot this year. Here are the six top kitchen remodeling trends of 2022, the way a contractor sees them!

1. No Upper Cabinets

The general trend in home design over the past few decades has always been toward more storage space. Walk-in closets only got popular around the ’80s, yet we’re now seeing many bedroom closets that could have once qualified as bedrooms themselves.

The decluttering movement is gaining momentum, however, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Marie Kondo on Netflix. That’s why in 2022 we’re seeing more people choosing to forego upper cabinets entirely as they plan their kitchen remodels. A kitchen without so many cabinets at eye level does indeed possess an airier, less confined atmosphere which we admit to liking quite a lot.

But beware: Kitchen cabinets didn’t become commonplace for no good reason. A homeless slow cooker, juicer, and Cuisinart may be the price of going without upper cabinets!

2. Double Islands

If you do reduce your upper cabinet space, then you’re the perfect candidate for our next kitchen remodeling trend of 2022. Kitchen islands have long-served homeowners who want more storage space accompanied by more countertops for meal prep and dining. It’s no wonder why double islands are becoming increasingly popular!

A second kitchen island is perfect for laying out the hors d’oeuvres and wine glasses when you’re entertaining guests, as well as feeding children while you keep a whole separate countertop dedicated to more delicate matters. And if your second island happens to sit on wheels, it will make the ideal breakfast bar.

3. Double Sinks

It’s only fitting that double sinks should become a hot kitchen remodeling trend during a year that’s mostly twos. Side-by-side sinks make it easier to avoid doing dishes while you’re focused on preparing food, and they’re also more accommodating of pots and pans that you wouldn’t like to run through the dishwasher.

We are also seeing more homeowners opting in favor of workstation sinks (which are conveniently available with double basins). These undermount sinks are compatible with multiple included accessories like cutting boards and dish drying racks, which makes them excellent for smaller kitchens with limited countertop space – as well as reducing clutter.

4. Concealed Storage

Minimalism is indeed the trend these days. Homeowners are becoming progressively more creative with their storage spaces, which has made it simple to achieve the dream of zero countertop clutter.

There are many ways to hide your storage spaces. A toe-kick drawer, which blends seamlessly into the baseboard, is the perfect spot for pans, cookie sheets, and serving plates. A tip-out tray, which easily replaces the dummy panel beneath the sink, offers the perfect real estate for dish soap and sponges. An in-drawer knife block and a pull-out pan rack are both very affordable storage solutions, and a cutting board drawer installed over a slide-out trash can cabinet will make meal prep more convenient than ever!

5. Bold Cabinets

Nearly 50% of all kitchen cabinets are white, and together natural wood and neutral tones account for about 45% of other cabinet finishes. But bold cabinet finishes are becoming more and more popular among homeowners all the same!

And so much the better. A subtle shade of green or blue for your new cabinets can really help to liven up your kitchen. If you’d like to go even bolder, then you’ll likely find that deep, rich shades of emerald, ruby, and sapphire create a less obtrusive statement than you might expect. And just like contrasting roofs are gaining more traction, so too are cabinets and countertops which have different yet complementary colors.

6. Patterned Wood Floors

It used to be that you would need a highly skilled carpenter to incorporate a patterned wood floor into your kitchen remodel, but turning that often overlooked surface into something striking is now easier than ever!

Hardwood flooring kits can give your kitchen the timeless appeal of patterned oak, maple, or cherry without having to invest too much more into the installation. Affordable laminate flooring which mimics the look of real wood is available in sumptuous patterns like herringbone, chevron, and parquet, and requires no extra effort to install as well.

We hope you’re as excited for what the future has in store for kitchen remodeling as we are. And if you would like to engage one of Central Minnesota’s most passionate kitchen remodeling contractors for your own home, then we welcome you to reach out to Angell’s Construction today!