General contracting is a tightrope act. Your goal is simple: deliver the quality results that win your clients’ approval, repeat business and referrals. This would be easy if cost weren’t a factor. But needless to say, your client would be none too pleased if you handed them an exorbitant bid for whichever work they would like you to do (unless your client happens to be the Pentagon, which is under the impression that a single hammer costs over $400).

How are we protecting Midwestern homes without eviscerating their owners’ savings accounts? It’s all about precaution. Here are some of the ways we make great home restoration and storm damage repair services affordable to everyone who needs them in the greater Twin Cities area.



Unnecessary changes. Needless delays. Last-minute redos. All of these pitfalls await a contractor who plunges headfirst into a project before they have fully understood its scope, specifications and goals. Only methodical planning can ensure that you start a project with the design, materials and labor you need to in order to complete it on time and on budget – or ahead of schedule and under budget, if you really know what you’re doing.



A contractor could have decades of experience and the ability to perform all of the work necessary to complete the project flawlessly. But a contractor is only one person. They would need over a week to replace a roof on their own, which wouldn’t make them a very powerful ally against winter storms.

Producing excellent results quickly and within budget simply isn’t possible without great talent. That’s why we exclusively hire subcontractors who are experienced, reliable, and demonstrably qualified to do the work our clients’ homes need. If they don’t share our passion for remodeling homes and safeguarding them against snow damage, they can work for someone else.



As we mentioned earlier, doing outstanding work would be easy if cost weren’t a factor. But it very much is, which is why we have to be extremely particular about which materials we install at our clients’ properties.

The ideal construction material isn’t just affordable. It is also intensely durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easily maintained. It doesn’t hurt if it was manufactured via sustainable practices, either. Extensive research alone cannot ensure that we strictly install the highest-quality materials each project demands. It also demands hands-on experience with a wide range of products, which just so happens to be a resource our team shares in spades.



Plan ahead carefully. Hire subcontractors scrupulously. Select superior materials. These all create the foundation for a great project. But no contractor’s foresight is so fine-tuned that they can avoid hiccups altogether. Many projects present totally unpredictable challenges halfway through, which is why adaptability is so important.

Overcoming unexpected hurdles on the fly requires a rock-solid change management process. You must already know the correct course of action to take whenever the weather isn’t cooperating, someone has an accident, or the materials needed to satisfy the original agreement are no longer obtainable. Adaptability often requires quick thinking – but so long as you understand the necessity for contingencies, nothing can truly take you off guard.

If you’re looking for a general contractor that does high-quality work for fair prices, then we welcome you to contact Angell’s Construction Services today. We have a proven track record of delivering great results and saving our clients money across the greater Twin Cities area, and we’re standing by to repeat our process at your home!