As part of our mission to serve the Twin Cities and St. Cloud, MN areas for all their general contracting needs, the Angell’s Construction team stays closely apprised of every trend in our industry – especially exterior trends. We need to know which framing hammers are in fashion each season – and which brands of drywall the most popular celebrities prefer – or else our competition will leave us in the dust.

But of all the trends we follow, there’s nothing more important than knowing each year’s hottest home exterior designs. That helps us create modern and aesthetically appealing homes for our clients. Regardless of whether our clients are building, expanding or remodeling. Without further ado, here are our top home exterior trends for 2022!


Awesome Outdoor Living Spaces

If the past two and a half years have taught us anything, it’s that everywhere fun might be indefinitely shut down at a moment’s notice. That new reality really spurred homeowners to rethink and revitalize their outdoor living spaces.

This is the era of the deck, pool and patio. Spaces like these are no longer completed by a couple of earwig-filled chaise lounges and a rusting Weber grill. We’re seeing ornate pergolas casting shade over elaborate outdoor living spaces. These are complete with full outdoor kitchens, dry and wet bars, and firepits surrounded by all-weather couches. Outdoor televisions are also becoming increasingly popular, too. This makes the prospect of binging entire seasons of Hill Street Blues more appealing than ever!


Big and Bold Textures

Shiplap. Shake shingles. Board and batten. What do these exterior remodeling materials all share in common? They add a lot more texture than traditional siding, and they’re hot this year.

But the steadily rising popularity of heavily textured siding isn’t limited to home exteriors. Shiplap is especially trendy for bathroom walls, and cedar board and batten panels are becoming the preferred quick and easy way to dramatically revamp any indoor living space. Real wood paneling is a huge step forward from the lamentable faux wood days of the 1980s!


Earth Tone Exteriors

Bright and sunny siding colors are still in vogue, but 2022 is setting the stage for a decade-long love affair with more austere and naturally-inspired exterior colors. Umber, Brunswick green, dark indigo and firebrick all lend a distinctive sense of strength and stability to home exteriors. These are precisely the qualities which reassure people when they return home from a hostile world.

A predominantly black home may be too dour for most people’s taste, but subtle shades of gray are increasingly making their way to home exteriors. Gray homes look especially refined when their owners accent them with black window trim, soffiting and porch banisters. A little bit of black isn’t funereal – it’s fun!


Light-Colored Stone Accents

With the rising popularity of earth tone exteriors, it’s no wonder why light-colored stone accents are gaining traction in 2022 as well. Black accents really pop when they’re paired with white or near-white stone, darker brown siding looks marvelous next to light tan stone. Even traditional brick red homes achieve the height of curb appeal when they have light gray stone to complement them. And regardless of their color, stone accents are certain to add a certain aire of dignity to any residence.


Extremely Durable Materials

It’s no secret that supply chains are still hurting in the wake of a certain catastrophic interruption which begs no further explanation. That’s why we’re seeing homeowners shifting away from flimsy yet serviceable exterior remodeling materials in favor of extremely durable ones. Sure, selecting costlier materials may deter you from making frequent cosmetic updates. But as sourcing and paying for materials becomes more and more difficult, the value of picking a high-quality solution which can last for decades is self-evident!


Stone Paver Walkways

Walkways are not merely functional. When thoughtfully designed, they can add a thrilling flourish to any home’s front lawn. Clay brick pavers remain popular for their Roman cafe charm, and the versatility and affordability of concrete pavers mean they’re not going away anytime soon, either. That said, 2022 is very obviously the year of the stone paver walkway.

No other paver shares the same natural appeal of real stone. Each stone paver possesses a totally unique color and tone, and its intense durability means it will stand up to decades of exposure to the Midwest’s roughest weather. Stone pavers are as surprisingly affordable as they are environmentally friendly. Plus, their maintenance only demands a little infrequent cleaning. It’s no wonder why natural stones are making a comeback. Who wouldn’t want to return to nature, at least a little bit, when the civilized world becomes more barbaric with each passing day?

Are 2022’s hottest exterior remodeling trends inspiring you to give your home a face lift? Contact Angell’s Construction today! Your local general contractor is poised to bring your vision to life however current or timeless it might be, and our years of experience guarantee the best prices for materials and the most reliable labor the greater Twin Cities area has to offer.