Curb appeal. Mentioning it around a real estate agent is like turning the key on a wind-up toy. They’ll start sermonizing on its importance to selling a house, and offer you many tips so you can enjoy greater success at closing.

They’re right, of course. People pay more for houses with nice landscapes and exteriors for the same reason why dented and unlabeled cans are sold at discount. We assign higher value to things that look nice!

But you shouldn’t just revitalize your home’s exterior if you’re trying to sell it. Keeping your home’s most noticeable feature shipshape goes hand in hand with taking pride in your most valuable possession. Sure, you’ll maintain or increase your property value while you’re at it – but to the Angell’s Construction Services team, that’s just a secondary benefit to owning a lovely home.

With that in mind, here are some ideas and inspiration if you’re thinking about doing a little home restoration this spring!


Paint the Exterior

We’ll confess that this isn’t the most inventive exterior remodeling idea, but too many homeowners overlook the importance of painting. No other project can change your home’s appearance more dramatically. Painting every five to ten years is necessary for protecting Midwestern homes, which are located in a damp, buggy climate that is quite hostile toward wood. And if you detect any siding, fascia or soffit that has rotted, you’ll be able to undo the damage before it worsens.


Add Decorative Lighting

Outdoor lighting doesn’t just add an extra layer of whimsy to your home’s exterior. It will ensure that its best features pop even during the nighttime (which feels like it lasts for 22 hours during the Midwest’s coldest months). Increased street lighting is known to reduce crime. By that logic, outdoor lighting can only help to discourage vandals and burglars from getting too familiar with your private property. And even when it’s only decorative, outdoor lighting makes traversing your yard at night easier as well.


Install a New Front Door

Replacing your front door makes perfect sense from an economic standpoint. According to Remodeling Magazine, installing a new entry door yields a 68.8% return on investment (ROI). You’ll only realize that return should you sell your home immediately afterward, but the rewards for front door replacement also include higher energy efficiency and greater security. And while its impact isn’t quite as dramatic as painting, a new front door is a much quicker way to reinvigorate your home’s exterior.


Install a New Garage Door

Next to adding manufactured stone veneer, replacing a garage door has the highest ROI of any home improvement project: a soaring 94.5%. Garage door replacement is the sensible solution if your current door frequently requires repair, operates too slowly, or shows any other signs that it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. It’s also a great way to upgrade to an insulated garage door, which can reduce operating noise and save money on energy bills in addition to keeping you more comfortable.


Add Architectural Elements

Is your home’s current exterior modest to the point of looking bland? That’s an easy problem to fix! You don’t need a Colonial Revival if you want columns that make your exterior look stronger and statelier. Any window or door is bound to look more impressive once it’s surrounded by decorative trim. And while its purpose isn’t strictly decorative by any means, no home’s exterior can’t be improved by the addition of a new deck, porch or patio.


Repair Storm Damage

We don’t have to spend too much time explaining the importance of storm damage repair. If your roof or siding are no longer intact after a violent storm, then it’s only a matter of time before rain turns your home into a giant mold colony. But even if storm damage is only minor – such as tiny pockmarks in asphalt shingles, or minor fissures in vinyl siding – it’s only due to grow worse over time. In addition to restoring your exterior’s natural beauty, storm damage repair will save you a heap of money down the road!

If you’re looking for a general contractor to transform your home in the greater Twin Cities area, then your search ends here. Contact Angell’s Construction Services today for all your exterior and interior remodeling needs. Our family-owned business will treat your home like it’s our own!