You have lined up all your finances. You have selected your construction company. You have even picked out the perfect patch of land to call home. Your new home construction project is nearly ready to begin – you just have to square away a few details before breaking ground.

Before finalizing your new home construction project, you must select which upgrades you want. The great degree of customization you’ll enjoy is probably one of the main reasons you chose to build a new home in the first place. But before you invest your limited budget in permanent upgrades, it is important to consider which ones will add the greatest value to your new home.

Two primary factors determine how much an upgrade will increase your home’s value. Aesthetics matter a great deal, as any realtor will attest that an attractive home fetches a higher price on the market. (You’ll want to live in an attractive home even if you have no intention of selling it.) Functionality is just as crucial, and fortunately, people are for the most part the same in this regard: Upgrades that improve your quality of life will benefit your home’s future owners as well.

When you pick your new home’s upgrades wisely, you won’t just enjoy an aesthetic and functional living space. You’ll also create measurable value which you’ll retain so long as you live in your new home – and get back, in the form of real money, should you ever decide to sell.

Here are a few room upgrades that offer the best return on investment!


If you ever list your new construction home for sale, your kitchen will have a massive impact on its appeal to buyers. If you were to pick just one room to upgrade, pick the one in which you make waffles!

The best kitchen upgrades are both aesthetic and practical. In an era when fewer people desire full dining rooms, a large sit-down kitchen island can prove a huge attraction. Homebuyers love storage space – anticipate that desire by opting for ceiling-length cabinetry with durable hinges and designer knobs. Under-cabinet light fixtures have nearly become the norm for new homes’ kitchens. Appliances are relatively easy to upgrade down the road, but if you have the budget available for them you should strongly consider an upscale refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher.


Anyone who has ever raised kids knows: A beautiful bathroom is a real retreat! Opt for a luxurious bathing feature, like a walk-in shower with multiple jets or a Whirlpool-style bathtub. Larger showers and tubs that can accommodate two people or one plus-sized person are in increasingly higher demand these days, as are double sinks with long, continuous countertops. You cannot go wrong with radiant floor heating in a climate like Minnesota’s. Finally, it’s a good idea to include the roughed-in plumbing for a bathroom in your new home’s basement even if you’re not finishing it. That creates an opportunity to expand your home’s living space down the road.

Basement & Garage

It’s easy to overlook spaces that may have poured concrete flooring, but your basement and garage will both massively influence future homebuyers. On the basement front, consider digging your foundation a little deeper so your basement can have a higher ceiling. That will make your basement more suitable for finishing even if you don’t intend to finish it yourself.

Minnesotans in particular love their toys: bicycles, canoes, motorcycles, and all the camping gear they need to enjoy our beautiful state to its fullest. This gear all goes in the garage, so consider extending your newly constructed home’s garage to accommodate more than just two mid-size sedans. Cabinetry is just as appreciated in the garage as it is in the kitchen. You’re bound to benefit from that extra storage space as well.

Every Room

Some upgrades apply to every room equally. Homebuyers never complain about having too many lighting fixtures, nor do they fail to appreciate energy-efficient lighting. Even if your new home’s carpeting isn’t particularly fancy, there is no drawback to selecting the highest quality carpet padding. Wood stairs generally create a more elegant look than carpeted ones, and people adore built-in storage spaces that prevent clutter from accumulating in the living room.

Selecting upgrades that will add the greatest value to your new home construction project may seem daunting at first. Fortunately, an experienced construction company can help you wade through all your options and guide you toward the right choices. That’s why we welcome you to reach out with any questions you might have about building not just a great home, but a great investment as well!