Detached garages used to be the norm. This is because they were modeled after (or converted from) carriage houses, which were used to store horse-drawn carts and tack. As beautiful as horses are, no one wanted the animals inside a building attached to their home. They didn’t want to get startled by any sudden neighing.

While attached garages are now more common, detached garages still offer several distinct yet frequently overlooked advantages. Here are all the reasons why you should have a detached garage built!


Detached Garages Are Safer

One of the chief downsides to an attached garage is lower home security. All a would-be invader needs to gain access to your house is the code to your automatic garage door opener. Alternatively, a tech-savvy criminal could hack your door opener in under 10 seconds.

In all honesty, it wouldn’t take very long for a determined crook to break into your detached garage. But what will they find there? Vehicles, presumably, and probably some tools and Christmas ornaments. What they will not find are you and your vulnerable family.


These Garages Are Healthier

When you pull your car into an attached garage, you’re also bringing in lots of colorless, odorless, tasteless and thoroughly toxic carbon monoxide gas along with it. Carbon monoxide gas can make a garage’s air hazardous to breathe after only a few minutes!

You wouldn’t want to breathe in a detached garage where an engine has been idling, either. But because no door connects a detached garage to the house, you’re not letting any amount of that poisonous gas into your living quarters.


They Offer Incredible Versatility

A detached garage is more versatile than the attached alternative for a number of reasons. First of all, you won’t have to take your home’s architecture into consideration while designing one. You’ll surely want your detached garage that matches your home, but you specifically won’t have to worry about where to join the two. And since a detached garage can be built fairly far away from a home’s façade, there is no risk that the new addition will appear dominating.

Because they are surrounded by open space, detached garages are available in a wider variety of designs. They may be built even larger than an attached garage, and they are easier to expand on as well, but they are also just easy to fit inside the width of a single lane.


They’re Quieter

Do you like using your garage to work on DIY projects? A detached garage will give you just as much – if not even more – space to let out your inner Bob Vila. It will also let you saw, drill, sand and hammer without creating nearly as much disturbance for your family. Better yet, you’ll be able to start and park your car without creating a lot of engine noise in nearby rooms of your home.


Detached Garages Leave More Room for Windows & Landscaping

An attached garage has to eat up a significant amount of a home’s exterior, which usually means sacrificing at least one window. A detached garage will allow you to design an airier home that feels more spacious, or keep your current home’s existing number of windows unchanged.

A detached garage may also be preferable for someone who takes a lot of pride in their landscaping. It leaves the land immediately surrounding a home undisturbed, so it can be used to plant flowers and bushes and other nice leafy things. This is one of the main reasons why homes with detached garages are widely considered to have greater curb appeal.

Detached garages offer even more benefits than those we have included so far. They typically require less expensive building permits, pose a reduced risk of a fire spreading to the rest of the house, and also give you the option of landscaping a pleasant little trail to enjoy while you’re walking to and from your car. Why, detached garages are so neat that you may not even mind going out into the bitter cold whenever you need to drive somewhere during the winter!


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