Spring is beautiful when it isn’t raining. Summer is beautiful when you aren’t surrounded by a trillion mosquitoes. And fall and winter are both equally beautiful – so long as you aren’t freezing your tootsies off.

If only there were a way to appreciate all of that marvelous seasonal living without experiencing one second of discomfort. Oh wait – there is! Thanks to the magic of four-season sunrooms, the perfect indoor-outdoor experience can be all yours to enjoy!


What Is a Four Seasons Sunroom?

Let’s begin by explaining what a three seasons sunroom is. Unlike a porch or deck, it is a fully enclosed addition which adds livable square footage to your home. But because it is not insulated – or serviced by the home’s HVAC system – a three season sunroom is quite uncomfortable during a certain season of the year. No Minnesotan needs help imagining which one.

A four seasons sunroom is also fully enclosed: walls, roof, windows, the whole shebang. But because it is connected to the HVAC system, it is supplied with warm air during the winter – not to mention cool air during the summer. It is also insulated. In effect, a four seasons sunroom becomes the perfect year-round spot for entertaining guests, spending time with your family, and idling away the hours on your own. (You can also put your dog in your four seasons room when he’s being a little too much for your dinner guests to handle.)


What Are the Benefits of a Four Seasons Sunroom?

Its greatest benefit is quite obvious. Once you have a four seasons sunroom, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of your own home. Just grab a glass of milk (or a more adult beverage, such as a glass of caffeinated cola), sit back in your favorite chair, and zone out.

But a four seasons sunroom’s benefits don’t end there. Here are five more reasons why it’s one of our favorite home additions!

  1. Increased home value. If you ever decide to list your home for sale, your four seasons sunroom will help you sell for a higher price. You won’t recoup 100% of your investment, but you can reasonably expect to make back 50 to 80% of your money at closing.
  2. No bugs. Have you ever had to go inside because the great outdoors is filled with mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, ticks, and other horrible invertebrates that want to eat you? Then you’ll love thumbing your nose at insects from your four seasons sunroom!
  3. Versatile. Your four seasons sunroom won’t just provide an ideal spot for unwinding. You can set up a little table and dine there. You can plug in a TV and no longer have to listen to your kids’ annoying video game noises. You can even place an inflatable mattress in your four seasons sunroom when you have an overnight guest who would like a little extra privacy.
  4. Natural light. Everyone needs regular exposure to sunlight. Without it, your body can’t produce the vitamin D it needs for healthy bones. Getting enough sunlight in the winter can be a tall order – especially when it’s freezing cold and there are only approximately 15 minutes of daylight each day. But with a four seasons sunroom, you’ll be able to absorb all the sunlight you need to stay your healthiest!
  5. Quick construction. Adding a four seasons sunroom to a home takes surprisingly little time: about two to four weeks, depending on the project’s size and complexity.

Of course, a four seasons sunroom construction project will only go quickly and smoothly if you choose a great contractor. What luck! You have already found one. We welcome you to contact Angell’s Construction Services Inc. today for all your home remodeling needs. We’ll add the perfect four seasons sunroom to your home in the greater Twin Cities area in no time!